The really scary “D” word….Diets!

My name is Nicole, I am 31 years old and I live in the fast paced life of New Jersey, and this is my weight loss journey and life change. On June 6, 2017 I will start my diet. I have been on diets before and I did not follow all of the warnings the fist time and failed. This time after careful consideration and research I plan do do it again this time using all of my research and tools to reach my goal. I am currently 246.6 lbs at last check, I cannot look in a full length mirror or take a full length photo because I do not like what I see.

My goal is to reach 130-140 lbs by this time in 2018 and be able to run at lease a mile without passing out or becoming winded. I want to be healthy and feel good for myself as well as my future family. I want to live a long life and join in activities. My goal is to push my current limits to the max to reach my goals and to gain a better life.

This is my journey and my story. I look forward to tracking not only my success but also my troubles along the way and how I found a way to overcome them. Each step I take toward my goals I plan to document it here so others can see they are not alone.

Cheers to new thinking and new life,


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