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Curve Balls & Cosmopolitans

So as many of you have noticed I cannot seem to keep up! I haven’t ate right, exercised, or made any sort of progress to get to my goals this week. I seem to lack that motivation to get it done hell to even start it. My life is a mess, my weight is horrid, and my house well it needs work. One plus this week we have added a dog to our home. Chanel is a rescue dog from a kill shelter in North Carolina.  She is a 2 year old part black Lab and part Boston Terrier. 


Lets start with housework… many of you HATE it as much as I do?! All of you right, but it has to be done in order to function around the home.  Today alone I have done three, you read that right 3, loads of dishes and its only NOON. I have no children here and I do dishes daily. Laundry don’t even get me started on the laundry piles. I do laundry twice a week for the 3 adults in my home. However now that I look around all but 1/4 load is done! Plus for me!! As for the rest of the cleaning….I have been slacking on that as well.


As for my life….well I can’t seem to grasp a single thought for more than a few seconds or minutes to follow thru with it. I have been diagnosed with manic depression {Manic Depression Overview-Mayo Clinic }, severe depression, PTSD {PTSD Overview}, social anxiety {Anxiety Overview }, and ADHD { ADHD Overview-WebMD }. I am working closely with my team of Doctors to control these things in my life and live a fuller healthier life. If you have questions about your health and your attention span don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. You deserve a happier healthier life. You deserve to live this life to its fullest.

Besides that I seem so angry with people past few days. I try to reel my brain and mouth back into place but doesn’t always happen the way I wish it to! Being a PUBLIC forum I need to choose my words wisely and how I portray others. With that being said there is issues with some individuals in my environment that are causing issues and feelings in others that affect me personally. You can’t say one thing to someones face and make them do what your saying then decided in the same breath that you still want the previous. You {person A in this point} either stand up for what you want or you move on. You cannot hurt people like that and its also BS, yes I will call them out on their BS. I have been eliminating TOXIC people from my life, you should as well and if you don’t know if they are toxic than here is some questions to ask yourself to find out if they are {Do I have toxic friends}. I want to live a happier life and be healthier and in order for me to have these things not only do I need to change but so does my environment. Yes that includes people who are in contact with my people, they too will affect your way of life more than you realize. My group now knows that they cannot talk nor invite certain individuals into our circle or events as they are toxic to my life standards. If they choose those individuals to be a part of their life fine but certain things that they do are toxic on my end. Never allow a toxic person to drown you in their toxicity. You deserve better, it took me a long time to learn that.


My diet, the scary “D” word from the last post! I think I have narrowed it down to the Mediterranean Diet and for those who know me know that as an Italian this will be easy on some days and hard on others. Being an Italian means lots of pastas and breads!!! Well those are not good for you and I will need to switch or cut way back on the amount I am eating of these and other items. If your not sure what this diet is here is the overview {Mediterranean Diet Overview-WebMD}. I still get to enjoy all of the foods I love already but I will be adding more. As for the exercising well that’s hard too as I have no energy to do anything anymore. A lot of it has to do with my issues listed in the beginning they take a lot out of you as a person. I have goals just like everyone else its just getting to them that’s the issue. Finding the motivation as well. The get up and go everyone talks about. I have tried motivational books and videos. Hell I even went so far as putting post-it note motivation everywhere….nope didn’t work!


Decide what YOU want in YOUR life. How YOU want to live YOUR life. Who YOU want in YOUR life. Most importantly find YOUR way of living. YOU deserve so much more, now go after it. I plan to go after MINE!

So lets have a Cosmopolitan and get moving!!

This is OUR time to shine! 


Cheers to NEW thinking & NEW life,






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