Days Gone By….

As you look at the photos, smile at the memories, and laugh at the way we used to dress/act/talk you cant help but wonder……have we fallen out of love with ourselves? Have the days gone by that allow us to feel and see?

Can you look thru your phone contacts, FB friends, email friends, ect and name the last time you talked to 50% of them? Can you name something they love within their lives besides what they post on social media? I cannot and that is why I have decided to let go of those in my life I don’t actually communicate with on a regular basis. I am not saying daily but things I can name about their lives.

When was the last time you loved yourself? When was the last time the days didn’t pass you by? Next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, staring out the window at work, or off in space in the shower ask yourself “Am I allowing the days to go by?” “Am I living my best life?”


Image result for daydreaming silhouette

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