Silent Screams

I share my story not for the attention or sympathy like many of you think; I share it to help someone else know they are not alone.

Feeling alone in this world is one of the hardest damn things we as depressed, anxiety ridden, bipolar, suicidal people have to deal with everyday. We can be in a room of 100 and still feel alone.

Sometimes we just need to be near someone or to hear them or see them to help calm us. Not everyone has the same calming techniques.

For years I have had these diseases I wish I didn’t but I do and they have grown beyond my control now. I am bipolar. I have depression. I have anxiety. I am suicidal. No it doesn’t get easier I just learn to hide it. If you have questions ask and I will give you the answers I have.

Just know this….before you point your fingers or pass your judgment on me know that I have already said it all to myself at some point in my life.

*Sometimes a listening ear is a running mouth.* I have really learned the meaning to this this past year sadly. No matter how much I try it doesn’t work.

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