5 Self Soothing Tips for Anxiety Attacks

1} Breath in your favorite scent{s}- Oils work best on the go since you can breath them in without having to find a source. If you are unsure of how something smells or if you will even like it many stores allow you to open the bottles to smell them or have a tester out for you. The list below gives you many different scents and the uses. This image was found here

If you are at work and you want something soothing try a diffuser. I have a great one on my desk {image below} and I use natural oils in it. However be mindful of those who share a desk space with you if you are in an open office. I asked my desk mate if he minded if I had one and he only asked that I did not use 1 or 2 scents he really didn’t care for. The great thing about mine is that not only does it change colors but it also has a salt lamp! I found mine on Amazon. Aigoceer Essential Oil Diffuser & Himalayan Salt Lamp

2} Look at some photos. You can create an album in your phone for just this purpose if needed or even carry a few in your bag.

3} Listen to your favorite song or music. You can create a playlist on your phone, pull up a song on YouTube, find a station on Pandora, Spotify, or if you pay for Amazon Prime you can use the Amazon Music app.

4} Have a little snack. Love popcorn? Love sugar roasted peanuts? Craving chocolate? Go for it!! I am not saying eat your weight in snacks but a handful of something will not harm you!

5} Take a break! Take 5 minutes and go to the bathroom or walk across your office. Take the slightly longer route to the restroom or break room when possible. Take a deep breath and just walk.

If you are like me and you work in an open concept office; I push my chair away {ensuring it is not in someones way or my own} and I stand at my desk and work. I also can walk to the other areas and talk with others for a minute or two but still close enough to my desk that if I am needed I can be quick to return.

Don’t hesitate to say to your supervisor if needed that you just need to take a break for 5 minutes and get your bearings back. I promise you that they will thank you for this when you shine even more at your job!

Remember you are not ALONE in this. Many people suffer from anxiety in the work place as well as life in general. As a matter of fact 40 MILLION Americans ages 18-40 suffer from anxiety. That’t over 18% of America. Even more suffer from workplace anxiety…….72% of Americans suffer. That’s 3 put of every 4 people in the workplace!

**Please note that all images here are captured from Google and I have no rights to them. I also do not promote one essential oil brand over another as I use many different brands depending on the scent I am wanting. I do however promote my diffuser as I have used many and this one works very well for me.**

Cheers to NEW thinking & NEW life,


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