Vision Boards

Why do we create vision boards? What is the purpose behind them? Do they really work? Does it have to be just for weight loss?

The answers are simple….Yes they work and no you can create a vision board for ANYTHING you want to change in your life!!

My vision board, as you see on the homepage to my blog, is for my weight loss goals. When you create a vision board you are reminding yourself of what you are trying to achieve. They also help keep you on track to your goals along the way. Not everyone wakes up and says “yes today I will go to the gym or I will do this or that” average people wake up and feel like rolling over and going back to bed. You have to create a habit, a routine, and a new way of thinking in order for this to work for you.

So here is a list of WHY we create them:

~Helps keep you on track

~Reminds you why you are doing this

~Shows you what your end goal is

~Motivates you

Here is a list of things we create them FOR:

~Weight Loss

~New Job

~New Home




Along with many more things. Pinterest has many vision board ideas and topics. You just need a few things to start: scissors, poster board, glue, stickers/glitter, old magazines, photos, and imagination!

Cheers to a NEW you & NEW life,


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