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Wearable Fitness Trackers/Watches….Which is best for YOU and your needs?

Being the proud owner of an Apple Watch Series 3 you would think I was biased HOWEVER prior to owning my beloved Apple Watch I was the owner of several other fitness trackers to start me on my journey.

I started my journey with a Jawbone UP24 in a tangerine color and then the company upgraded me to an UP2 when the other battery died and wouldn’t recharge itself. Then I got another UP2 when that one broke on the charger. Jawbone went out of business shortly after this and is no longer making bands.

Jawbone UP24
Jawbone UP2

Next I found myself owning a FitBit. I started with the cheapest one I could wear on my arm just to see how I felt about it. Then I wanted one that showed me things on the screen instead of logging into the app all the time. So I upgraded and loved it. Then when the screen broke the company upgraded me to the newest version with a 60% off coupon {I spent the same amount on the latest version as I did for my original FitBit lol}. With FitBit not only can you change bands and be fashionable with them, they are great on battery {depending on which style you get and which features you use}, they are every improving the technology for them {usually 2-3 bands a year}, some monitor your heart rate, and all monitor your sleep {they give you insight on sleeping better too}.

Before we move on to my beloved Apple let’s talk about some of the others on the market that I have played with in store or that friends have that I was able to see and check out.

Garmin…we all know this company as they are HUGE in the GPS market. Well in 2017 they wanted to up their game and came out with the very first Garmin Watch. These watches have upgraded tremendously over the past 2 years. They are fashionable for men and woman {although favored for athletes more than business execs}, they have the famous Garmin GPS tracking in them, they monitor heart rate, sleep, and are water resistant. The batteries are long lasting depending on apps used.

Next came Samsung. How could we leave out our Android users. The Samsung Watch has GPS tracking, also smart watch features, you can listen to music, download apps, its water resistant, and its very fashionable coming in many styles and colors.

Withings is the newest wearable on the market to date having been owned by Nokia until May of 2018. Withings Watch is very traditional in the sense that it is analog and only has a small window for the notifications. You have to read fast to catch what message it displays. It does have fitness tracking, running, swimming, walking, plus sleep tracking how could you go wrong with something so traditional. Well the only downfall I could find was it does NOT have a touch screen. I guess in some cases that could be a good thing. It also comes in many men’s and women’s fashions.

Now onto my beloved Apple Watch. Apple being one of the BIG FOUR technology companies {Apple Inc is the worlds LARGEST information technology company by revenue} today has mastered the art of technology. With focusing on only one brand they are able to keep ahead of the game. Apple Watch runs on the same IOS as the MacBook, IPhone, IPad, Apple TV, ect so it is very streamline and up to date with all of your Apple products. Not only are the Watches fashionable, they have GPS, you can call, text, use Siri, download apps, use Apple Pay, monitor your heart rate, track your sleep, and many screen size options. You can even link your friends Apple Rings to yours too so you can “challenge” one another to a ring closing. With many different faces to choose from you are always sure to be on time and in the know.

So which one is best for you? Go to your local WalMart, Best Buy, Apple Store, or any other retailer and try them on for yourself because now you know a little about the ins and outs of each tracker you can make the best decision for your health and lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to send me photos of your trackers! Happy Shopping!!

However that does not end the wearable’s line. As you see above they come out with new things all the time. So never stop looking for new things to add to your collection.

Cheers to a NEW you & a NEW life,


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