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Makeup Studio/Table ~ At Home

Always leave a little glitter everywhere you go darling!

So your bathroom sink looks like the makeup fairy threw up on it huh?! You have been watching YouTube video after video on new makeup tutorials haven’t you? Now you are ready to have your very own makeup studio/table in your home.

Yes that is someones real bathroom! It used to be mine minus the double sinks lol

It is not hard to create a space just for hair and makeup. You just need a vision and a few things to complete the project.

~Desk/table    ~Chair    ~Makeup Organizer {mine is below}    ~Brushes    ~Makeup    ~Mirror    ~Lighting    ~Time

When choosing your organizers keep in mind the space you have to work with, the makeup you have to store, and the budget you have to spend.

You can use any cup or jar to hold your brushes. I use a short vase.
This is my makeup organizer. I bought it on Amazon for $35.00 {I did NOT have Prime at the time} It comes in Black, Brown, Clear, or Amber.

Some go as elaborate as these…..

You can use whatever you wish to hold your makeup. I know ladies who bought drawer dividers and store all of their makeup in the drawers.

When choosing your space to have your makeup studio/table be conscious of outlets, windows, people bumping into you or it, and of what else may be in that room. Makeup no matter how careful you are still does flutter around the area and lands on things. Overtime you will see this.

You can go over the top,
Super glamorous,
Super fancy,
Simple and intimate,
Or you can go as minimal as you like.

When it comes to the mirror though you have to take into consideration how far you can see if you wear glasses and how much light you want reflecting back. I am in the process of refurbishing an older mirror I found that hangs on the wall.

Maybe you have a mirror from your grandmother that you are looking for a place to use it.
Maybe you want a small mirror
You can buy lights like these on Amazon for a relatively low price. You do NOT have to install a very expensive mirror with lights.

Have fun with your space and make it yours. This is your area to feel beautiful and its all about you doll.

You do not have to have the most expensive makeup on the market or the latest brushes to make yourself look amazing. It just takes time and practice.

Have fun, take your time, nothing is permanent {you can always add or subtract what doesn’t work for you}, and most of all think of yourself!! You are worth it!

Cheers to a NEW you & a NEW life,


1 thought on “Makeup Studio/Table ~ At Home”

  1. An amazing post!! It has always been my dream to be able to build my own luxury makeup table at home, hopefully one day i will be able to accomplish that.

    I will definitely follow for future posts!

    Feel free to check out my blog as I post about beauty and skincare too!
    and feel free to follow my IG: r.gravityblog


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