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Power Colors…Lets Find Yours

We all have one some just don’t know it. Others have found it but don’t know how to use it. Then there are those that know it but don’t harness its full potential. A power color is a color or colors that you wear that make you feel fearless, empowered, strong, motivated, or just fantastic. You know that top that you wear every week because you love the look and the color. That top or skirt or pair of pants is your power color.

Watch the next time you are wearing it how you act or even stand. You will stand taller and more boldly than you do with anything else you own. We all have a power color that makes us this way. Also its not just women either men have and use power colors too. Watch how your coworkers or male friends act with different colors they wear.

Now do not go out and buy every piece of clothing you can find in your one color. You can wear different colors and patterns and still harness your power color in other ways. A tie, a necklace, ring, and even hair bands even. Also with the world of smart watches now you can customize your power color not just to your bands but to your watch face as well. The possibilities are endless to the additions you can add to your wardrobe to harness that power.

I know some people who buy desk supplies and coffee cups in there color just to have them near them and harness that power when they touch it or use it. I am one of those people. Take a look at my desk and you will see everything is either pink, red, or burgundy. These are my power shades. I can rock the gym, a phone call, a car ride, a trip, or even a business meeting just by holding my power colors.

A Business Insider Financial Post wrote an post on colors in the workplace in 2012. It is worth a read but here are a few of the colors they mention in the post.

Green. This colour denotes freshness, safety and harmony. It’s also associated with money and the “go” signal for a traffic light—both great characteristics in the workplace. The colour green is restful on the eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain, making this a good choice for people who sit in front of a screen for many hours.

Blue. This is the colour of truth and wisdom. It also has a calming effect and is linked to intellect. It’s also the most stable color. So if you have a volatile or drama-filled workplace, blue is a great colour to wear to counteract the tension.

Brown. The colour of stability, brown is also seen as masculine. If you’re a woman in a predominantly male workplace, wearing a chocolate brown suit can give you credibility.

Black. This power colour can convey feelings of mystery and seriousness. It is also considered elegant and has a thinning effect. (And who doesn’t love that?) If you want to be treated seriously, the typical black suit with a splash of green or blue works wonders.

However like with any post on any type of forum others have different opinions as well. That is okay too. I look at many fashion Icons and magazines and pull ideas and many contradict one another. Just go with what you feel is best for you. Times and fashions are changing all the time. I mean look how long the whole sock bun look that lasted all of 20 minutes before messy buns made a come back and stayed. So don’t stress about what the item is as long as its who YOU truly are and it makes YOU feel fearless, powerful, confident, ect than its okay.

Cheers to a NEW you, a NEW life, & NEW thinking,


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