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Workout Routines….Do you have one? Do you need one? Is yours really working?

Do you work out only one area at a time? Are you like me and work the entire body everyday? Has your routine become repetitive and boring? Is it even working for you?

I know that when you perform resistance exercises, you cause microscopic tears within your muscles. Your body responds to this trauma by repairing the muscles which grow stronger. While you can do a full body workout every day, you won’t give your muscles enough time to recover and you risk injuring them instead of building them. However like many I do not do the same workout everyday. You do not want your body to become used to your routine as over time this stops being effective. Your goal is to lose fat and build muscle.

In August 2017 Gymsource wrote an article that says it all when it comes to working out….. “You can increase strength, increase muscle, get in shape, become leaner, have more endurance and look better using either free weights or machines. Muscles do not care if you are using machines or free weights to get in shape. To them, resistance is resistance. Both are tools that are used to achieve a goal.” I feel that they are right. You do not have to go out and buy expensive equipment to get in shape. Buy a few free weights from places like Wal~Mart or Target and start with that. Once you have created a routine for yourself then add to it or join a gym as a perk for yourself for sticking to something. You do not have to go into debt to be in shape.

Another alternative to buying free weights is use things around your home that you may already have handy to workout. Lift the dog or the kids, use canned food as weights when squatting or walking, use the steps, save the detergent jugs or gallon milk jugs {wash them out very well or they will smell later} and fill with water and lift those, bags of grains or beans, leftover bricks from a remodel work well too when outside, lift the laundry basket over your head before putting it down. You can use just about anything with weight to it as a workout helper.

The internet has an abundance of workout routines to try. So don’t stress if you do not know what you are doing. Head over to Pinterest and check out my workout board if you need some ideas. I also have my weight loss boot camp board as well. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Many people are on the same path as you. If you need a partner to workout with or to talk to other people that are on the same path as you then head over to Spark People and sign up. It is a 100% free community of help in all forms.

When picking a routine keep in mind how fit you actually are. You cannot just roll out of bed and run a 5K having never ran a day in your life. Start off slow and add more every 2 weeks or whenever you think you can handle a little more. If you do not know what a machine does or how to use it many have the information on the side but YouTube is also a very big help.

  • Machines come with instructions
  • Adjustment points are usually a bright color
  • Your position should feel comfortable
  • Start with a light weight to test the range of motion

When you do finally start using machines and exercising keep these tid bits in mind

  • Keep your movements controlled and steady
  • Don’t clang the weights
  • Exhale as you lift, inhale as you lower
  • Take breaks in between sets…Rep {repetition} is one complete motion of an exercise. A set is a group of consecutive repetitions

Remember to keep track of what you do. We all have smart phones these days so you can use an App from your app store or even Memo/Note depending on your phone to keep track of what you do. If you have an Apple Watch you can log workouts that way too under the Activity Rings app. If you have FitBit they also have a section to record workouts. MyFitnessPal as well as MapMyFitness and MapMyWalk record your movement and exercises and even tell you the calories you burned and how well you did. Under Armour powers many of these sites and more for fitness. I mean it is Under Armour so how could you go wrong. I like using the MapMyWalk when I take walks to see the pattern I make with the GPS. Plus if you are like me on walks you take photos so knowing where you took them helps later when you are storing them away.

Also if you own Apple Watch another great app to have is Pacer. It tracks your steps and connects to your health app so that when you carry your phone but not your watch you can still track your steps. This works for Android as well. They have teams you can join and you can even connect with your friends to have a little healthy competition between each other.

For those with FitBit, Garmen, ect your band already tracks your steps naturally. So don’t worry you do not have to download anything extra.

So now lets put together a sample plan for you:

Monday (30 minutes): walk
Tuesday (20 minutes): home strength training
Wednesday (30 minutes): walk
Thursday (20 minutes) work the legs and booty-squats, lunges, scissor kicks, ect
Friday: (30) minutes) walk
Saturday (20 minutes) yoga
Sunday: (30 minutes) bike ride, swim or light hiking ect

Find things you enjoy doing and put together a workout that works best for you that you will stick with because if I have learned anything its that if I hate doing it I won’t do it nor go to the gym for it. Good Luck to you all and I hope you share your progress with me.

Cheers to a NEW you, New thinking, & a NEW life,


1 thought on “Workout Routines….Do you have one? Do you need one? Is yours really working?”

  1. In order to keep going with the routine it’s very important to feel confident about yourself while you burn down those calories. So one should actually pick out their favorite workout apparel and start somewhere. Thanks for an informative and plan-inducing piece of writing.

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