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Organization and Planners….Are we still using books or has everyone gone digital?

You know what I am talking about. We had one in school to keep our homework and tests and projects in order let alone keeping other things together. Maybe you have one on your desk now. Or if you are like me you carry one with you always. Every. Single. Year. You buy one saying this is the year I actually fill it up and use it.

This is my current one. I paid $16 for it at Barns & Nobel at the end of 2018. I keep as much in it as I can.

Maybe you have a large one on your desk or hanging on the wall by your computer at work. To keep track of office happenings and what not. Maybe you use a digital one on your phone or you have the app. Or maybe you are environmentally friendly and have a dry erase one! No matter what you have or what version you use the question is are you using it to the best of its abilities?

Besides doctor appointments, kids activities, meetings, and trips here are some other things you should be keeping in your planners.

  • Yearly Goals
  • Monthly Goals-this does not have to be huge. Just choose one thing that you would like to accomplish each month. Maybe something around the house or as a family.
  • Weekly Goals-again this does not have to be anything huge but something you would like to accomplish each week.
  • Daily Log-maybe keep a little run down of your day good or bad.
  • Weekly Meal Plan or Meal Prep-this is a great way to keep track of whats for dinner or what you plan to make for your Meal Prep. {check out my Meal Prep blog if you want to know more about this.}
  • Grocery List-not only is it handy but its easy to look back and see what you had the previous weeks.
  • Master Log-or a to do list so you do not feel overwhelmed or like you are forgetting something that you need to get done.
  • Gratitude List-sometimes remember what you are thankful for each day or week or month helps to keep us humble and kind.
  • Accomplishments-not just work but around the house, family, friends, even healthy ones. I mean who doesn’t need a pat on the back once in a while. Plus during girls night out you can pull out your planner and share what happened or congratulate friends.
  • Routines-this isn’t just for you….if you want to start your children on good habits you can buy planners for them and each week create pages for them to check off what they did and so forth. This will not only teach them to use a planner but also good habits.
  • Books or articles-now you know you have a mental reading list of books you see or hear about that you want to read. Why not keep a list in your planner.
  • Health-this one is my go to lately. I keep fitness stickers handy just for this. My weigh-ins bi-weekly, water intake, encouragement, ect.
  • Money-I have done this many times. I make a list of things I need then I put what I want to spend on each item or groups and when I am done shopping I place the amount spent next to it. Sometimes I am no where near spending the amount I planned to spend {yes most times it over but sometimes its way less and I do my happy dance}
  • Quotes-maybe at the end of the year when you go to buy your new planner you could get one that has quotes in it or if you do not prefer to spend that much or can’t find one you like sit down and add some to your planner here and there.
  • Bucket List-Almost the same a your goals but this one is more of things that you have always wanted to do in your life but haven’t. What better time to mark things off that once or maybe 365 days a year?!
  • Blog Stats/Posts-if you are a blogger this is a good one for you! I keep a list of when a blog needs to go out so I know when to start writing. If I get the juices flowing and write them ahead of time I choose the dates I want them to post and thanks to the wonderful WordPress developers I am able to choose when and what time they post!
  • Log-ins & Passwords-now you know you forget them just as soon as you set them up or change them so why not keep notes of them?!
  • TV/Movies-we all hear or see ads for things we want to watch or see but never remember until it is to late or someone else is giving you spoilers.
  • Habit Tracker-this again goes hand in hand with my meal prep and health tracking.
  • Emotions or Triggers-as many know I suffer from depressing, anxiety, and mood disorder so this helps me a ton! If all of a sudden something changes or I have a trigger I write it down and go over it with my counselor.
  • Memories
  • Recipes-pinterest isn’t the only place you get recipes these days. Many people share them at work.
  • Weather-if you have an even coming up it does not hurt to track the weather to pack or dress accordingly.
  • Holiday Shopping/Gift List-these are always helpful

Like I said earlier I use stickers and I have found that the Happy Planner Create 365 stickers are my favorite and come is so many different packs. {Yes I am suggesting these my little darlings since I do use them and find them most helpful} I find mine at Hobby Lobby but I am sure you can order them online {link above} or find them in your local craft store.

The Happy Planner Create 365 pack
The Happy Planner Create 365 pack

You can find all kinds of planners and planner add ins at your local craft store. Be creative make it your own. It is okay if you work in a stuffy office no one really looks at your planner but you and if they are maybe it will make them happy too. You can never be to organized! I am just saying! Happy Planning Darlings! XOXO

You do not have to buy a fancy planner to be organized or well planned out!

Cheers to a NEW you , NEW thinking, & a NEW life,


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