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Spring Clean UP! Lets make the most of this Spring!

It is that time of year again darlings….Spring!! You know what that means; it’s time to open those windows and clean out all of that fall and winter blah from your home. However many forget that we need to “Spring Clean” ourselves too. Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes. For many the winter blues took quite a toll on us and even came on sooner than normal and may even last longer than we wish. It does not have to be this way though. We can rectify this.

The Winter Blues
Spring Cleaning

While many will begin spring cleaning the start of April when the weather turns nicer and its officially ‘spring’ time you can start right now on your own “Spring Cleaning”. Here are some things that you can start with:

  1. Old clothing-maybe it no longer fits or its very worn out. Donate what you can and toss the rest. A tip January 1st or even right now; turn all of your hangers backwards and when you wear something turn it forwards/opposite direction. Then at the end of the year or in 6 months time {you decide} toss out all of the stuff on hangers that did not get turned around. This will make your closets look better but it also helps you to clean out yourself too. {You will see keep reading}
  2. Social Media/Networking-so you have 600 friends but how many of them can you actually name 3 personal things about {favorite food, favorite movie, what they do for a living, ect} without asking or looking it up on there profile? Time to clean out and clean up. You do not need a large group of “friends” unless you are a business. For your personal life you should keep those around you that compliment you not just verbally but mentally as well. What I mean is that they add something to your life that makes you want to reach your goals and be the best version of yourself. You should not ‘change or compromise’ who you are for anyone {unless you are harming yourself or someone else}. You do NOT have to keep TOXIC people in your life; no matter if they are friends or family. You deserve better.
  3. Facial-this seems like a shallow thing but it’s not I promise. You will be amazed at how you feel once you have done one and looked in the mirror at the change. You do NOT need to go to a spa and spend $50-$200 on a facial so stop hyperventilating and keep reading. Pinterest has so many great options to choose from. Also most of the ingredients you more than likely already have in your home! You can also check your local WalMart or Ulta or Sephora whichever you prefer and get the packets of facial scrubs, cleansers, polishers, deep clarifying, ect. Another thing is to invest in a facial mister or hydration spray for your face. I use Evian Facial Spray every single day. First thing when I wake up, to set my makeup, to wake my face up during the day, after taking my makeup off, and right before bed.
  4. Mind Cleanse-you should really set aside time daily to just let everything go. Write it down, go somewhere where you will not disturb people or seem crazy and scream, use a punching bag, go for a run/walk to clear your head, ect. However once your 20 minutes or an hour are up that’s it no more thinking about it or stressing it. You get this set amount of time to cry, yell, stress, get pissed off, or angry and then that is it no more. If you allow it to take up space in your mind and body you will not come out the other side in a better place. Eventually it will take a toll on you mentally and physically.
  5. Diet/Health-yes I know you hate this topic just as much as I do but if we are “Spring Cleaning” ourselves we need to tackle all parts not just the fun ones. Now is as good a time as any to start that new dreaded D word or change up what you eat little by little. Healthy inside is healthy outside.
  6. Massage-maybe your honey could give you a good one but if they are bad or not willing you can get the mall massage ones for pretty cheap or see if your local massage parlor has any deals going on. Maybe groupon too.
  7. Find A New Activity or Group-this is a big thing because its just for you plus you can meet new people that share the same interests or are on the same path as you. You do not need to speak with these people outside of the group or activity if you do not wish but keep in mind only keep those close that bring value to your life and your path.
  8. Finances-this one is a hard one for many especially myself. We are not getting any younger and we need to start planning for a future. Meaning you need to get some debt in order or start a savings account for a rainy day/future. Cancel any unneeded or unused subscriptions to things.
  9. Hair/Makeup-try a new style or change your look all around. This will make you feel better about yourself.
  10. Attitude-change all the negatives to positives. Stop being mean. Stop cussing. Stop being hateful. No matter what it is big or small it is not healthy to be negative all the time. Yes things happen and yes they super suck but it will be okay. Keep a level head and you will get through.
  11. Unplug-we are so dependent on phones, computers, tablets, tv, internet, ect that we forget to unplug and recharge ourselves. Pick a day once a week or twice a month or what works best for your lifestyle and just shut everything off. Pick up a book or take a hike or go window shopping. Whatever it is you love to do go do it.
  12. Clear out the clutter-in your home, in the car, at the office, ect. This will help clear your mind of any unneeded garbage and stress.
  13. Plants-get a pretty low maintenance plant and talk to it every now and again. Not only does it help it grow but it gives you a sounding board. It could also help with a green thumb to relax you.
  14. Therapy-it is absolutely okay if you need to go to group therapy or individual therapy. It never hurts to talk to someone.
  15. Rest-set up a routine to get to bed by 9pm every night that you have to work the next day. This will help you so much inside and out.
  16. Unsubscribe-you know the emails I am talking about. Those ones that advertise every little thing that you never buy or use. You do not need that junk in your life.
  17. Vacation-plan and put steps into place to take a vacation. You do not have to spend $1,000’s of dollars. You can rent a really nice room with a Jacuzzi in it for a weekend in the next town over. You can rent a nice cheaper room near a mall or park you have been wanting to go to.
  18. Pamper Yourself-choose 1 night a week to have a glass or two of wine and soak nose deep in the tub with candles and a book for an hour or two. Buy a nice scrub, a nice face mask, some deep conditioner, or whatever you wish and just have a you night.
Evian Facial Spray-$0.98 for the travel size bottle at my WalMart

I know they are all singular but sometimes you have to worry about just yourself in order to be the best version of yourself in other areas of your life. If you are constantly stressing over something or tired or sick ect that’s your body telling you that you need to change something. Your body can only handle so much. Your mind can only hold so much. Your heart can only take so much. Take a mental health day if you need it. Sit down with your boss and tell them that you need to just take a Friday or a Monday off and rest your mind and body that things are taking a toll on you. I am not saying do it weekly or monthly but every so often is okay. Take care of yourselves darlings! XOXO

Cheers to a NEW you, NEW thinking, & a NEW life,


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