Sometimes through this journey of our lives we find ourselves at a standstill wondering, waiting, thinking, and over analyzing our choices and spaces. This is my personal journey through such a phase. I am your average everyday run of the mill individual with something to say and changes to make.

You will see my weight loss goals, milestones, and struggles, my make-up trials {those are fun as I attempt to learn something new}, my daily rants and praises, and anything else this world places at my feet. I am a Catholic woman so you may see some religion here but I promise it won’t be to turn you one way or another it’s just what’s happening in my life at that moment.

So please join me on this journey and see where it takes us. Who knows what will happen, what laughs we may have, tears we may shed, pounds we may lose, or friends we will make along the way. I look forward to talking with new people and learning new things along the way. I hope you share your own journey with me as well.

Cheer’s to new thinking & new life,