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Gym Clothes ~ What you need, what you want, and what you desire ~ Does the right outfit really exist?

So you made the NYR {again for the 6th year in a row} to lose weight. You are going to actually go to the gym this year….never mind that its now March and you have YET to set foot into that gym you signed up for online. Unless you are like me and you have TWO {2} gym memberships you pay for each month for over a year and you have been MAYBE 10 times if your lucky! {please laugh with me at the waste of money} So if you are this person and/or you have made this NYR than lets explore some clothing {we will explore gyms and features next time} and shoe options for your workouts.

Leggings, capris, sweatpants, shorts, & all things pants ~ Lululemon, Zella Live-In Leggings, Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants, Athleta Chaturanga, Prana Prism Capris, Nike Power Legendary, Fabletics Salar Leggings, Onzie, or even WalMart. If you are just starting out I recommend starting cheap and rewarding yourself with the more expensive ones as you achieve goals. They all have great pants to offer but when choosing one remember nothing to baggy as they become heavy and hot as you work out and could potentially get caught in machines or on something. Make sure you try them on before buying, choose something light in fabric, something with moisture wicking {Wicking fabrics are modern technical fabrics which draw moisture away from the body. They are made of high-tech polyester, which, unlike cotton, absorbs very little water.… Cotton will therefore hang onto your sweat, making your garment heavy and unpleasantly clammy.} in the fabric helps as well. The waist should not be tight or leave marks.

Sneakers ~ Puma, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, US Polo, Under Armour, Skechers, Asics, & New Balance are just a few of the shoes on the market today. Each have a different style and type for different workouts and adventures. You obviously wouldn’t wear a cleat to go ballroom dancing in so why choose the wrong shoe to exercise in?

When choosing a shoe ensure not only that it fits but that it is breathable, they fit with your OWN socks that you will be wearing to the gym, they are for the exercise that you will be doing {example: walking shoes for walking, running shoes for running ect} you don’t want to be rock climbing in walking shoes now do you? You should also be cautious about the arch and shape of your foot as this could harm you. If you are unsure of the shape of your foot you can ask for help at any shoe store. If you are choosing running shoes they have specialty stores just for running shoes with shoe experts in store to help you and pick the best shoe. A good tip is to NOT try on shoes in the morning as your feet swell over the course of a day as well as exercise.

Your shoes should also feel comfortable right away not over time. If they do not feel comfortable when trying on then they won’t feel any better after 4 hours of exercise either. They will just hurt your feet and ultimately your body worse. Clear inserts, filled with gel, Freon, or air, provide extra shock absorption. These features are especially good for people who tend to get heel pain however not so good for people whose ankles twist easily, as shoes with extra cushioning tend to provide less traction. Cheaper is NOT the best choice here. You have to think of your entire body when buying exercise shoes to ensure that you do not cause any injury. Surgeons say that you should replace your shoes when they begin to wear out heavily or every 400 miles whichever comes first. This ensures you do not cause foot or ankle damage let alone any other body part damage from a fall or broken bone.

Also many don’t think about it but yoga and special dance shoes are a big thing as well not only to ensure you are the best at performing but also safe.

Socks {yes there is a such thing as bad socks for the gym} ~ When choosing socks like shoes they should breath and fit well. I mean you cannot stop every 3 seconds to pull your sock up out of your shoe. You also do not want it so tight you cannot feel your feet. Performance socks are the best on the market right now many are saying. I use performance socks all the time not just for working out. They should also be made with wicking fabrics to ensure your feet do not get nasty.

Sports bras ~ Just like regular bras you don’t want your girls flopping around or be so squished against your body they hurt. TRY IT ON before you buy it! Fitness Magazine printed an article on Sport Bra Fitting and its very much worth the read.

T-shirts, long sleeves, tanks, & cammies ~ Again moisture wicking material is best. Think about the weather and temperature in the building you are in or even outdoors. Pick things best for the weather obviously. Choose to wear colors as its proven to make you more energetic. With anything new be sure to wash before wear to ensure that as you are sweating the colors do not bleed on your skin. If you feel better wearing a cammie or tank under your shirts thats ok too as long as you do not get overheated. You want to sweat yes but becoming to overheated is dangerous for your health.

Jackets & sweatshirts ~ Do not fall into the trap of wearing plastic or rubber tops or even bottoms to workout in as these can also make you overheat and become ill. When choosing a jacket be mindful of how you take it off because how it comes off says a lot when you are soaking wet and weak as all get out. Pull overs are rough when you are so tired and your arms feel like they are going to fall off. Also jackets and sweatshirts that have thumb holes are best for when you run or stretch so as to keep them in place. I prefer the full zip with thumb holes. Many of mine have earphone cord loops too…however I have wireless headphones so I do not use the loops for headphones but I do hook my locker key to them sometimes.

Underwear {yes this is very important people} ~ Just like with bottoms your underwear should not leave marks or be tight around the waist but also should not fall off. They should be breathable and hold all of your bits in place.

Headbands & Hair ties ~ You do not want to keep readjusting your hair every 5 seconds so anything that has a stay put grip is best. I do not recommend anything with jewels or rhinestones on it as it could hurt if something presses against it. Simple is best this isn’t a fashion show!

Towels ~ A small hand towel is best for walking around the gym or right after a workout. Stay cool towels are the latest and might I say the best thing on the market right now. You simply get it wet, ring it out, and then flip it to activate the cooling properties. Its like an ice pack for your face!! But if that’s not up your alley that is okay too anything that absorbs water well will work. You can also get a little wild and get a print or bright color.

Swimsuits & swim trunks ~ When picking out your suit or trunks you want to ensure they fit well but also stay put when swimming laps. No one wants to see that crack ladies and gents. Ladies you will want straps to swim laps save the strapless string bikinis for the beach. Gents you too will want to be mindful of others and not wear that thong Speedo you love so much.

And finally gym bags, backpacks, sacks, and all things carry ~ I have a small gym bag that I got when I signed up for my gym. It holds my towel, water, lock and keys, sanitizer, and tanning lotion {yes I know tanning is so bad but that’s for another day}. But later when I started going to the gym right before work or right after work I needed something bigger. I happened to find an Under Armour backpack in hot pink at a consignment shop for super cheap so I swiped it up and haven’t regretted it since.

When picking a bag make sure it has enough room for anything you might need to carry. You don’t want to look like you are moving into the gym but you also do not want to be scrambling around to find things either. I recommend getting a swim suite bag {shown below}. It is a simple small bag that has a plastic liner to contain the water dripping off the suite. It also keeps the suite from going sour when left to sit for a few hours. Gents they make them in simple colors as well so you do not have to carry one with lips or girly things on it.

A side note too if you do have to shower or swim and use a towel that is wet make sure you put it at the very bottom of your bag with everything on top of it this will keep the smell down and souring of other clothes and items.

If you are curious about wearable technology you can check out my other post Wearable Fitness Trackers/Watches. I have compared many different wearables for you so that you can make the best choice for your lifestyle.

Cheers to a NEW you, NEW thinking, & a NEW life,


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